Carpet cleaning procedures

- Sep 06, 2019-

1, Daily rolling brush suction, as soon as possible to absorb the carpet surface floating dust, lest dust deposition between wool fibers. The brush that roll not only comb carpet, and still brushed floating dust and the dirt that have adhesion sex more, so that suck away, clean effect is better than pure aspiration so.

2, Immediately remove stains, new stains are the easiest to remove, must be removed in time. If wait for besmirch dry or infiltration carpet depth, can produce long-term damage to carpet.

3, Undertake metaphase cleanness regularly, walk the carpet with frequent, need is equipped with bubble box, clean method with dry bubble undertakes metaphase cleanness regularly, in order to remove sticky dirt, make carpet maintains bright and clean if new.

4, Depth cleanness, once dirt is deposited in carpet fiber depth, must use take out wash method to undertake depth cleanness, Have sensitive carpet to water, usable dry bubble is cleaned replace to take out to wash a method to undertake cleanness.