Carpet cleaning does not mean maintenance

- May 31, 2019-

For carpet, maintain and cleanness are to have distinction. Most people clean carpets when there is a lot of dust, which is often difficult to remove. Why? Since about 70% of the dust on the carpet is less than 3 microns (the human hair is 50 microns, the general naked eye can see 10 microns), so when we can see the dust on the carpet, it means that there is a lot of dust, and the fiber structure will never be as clean as the new carpet.

Carpet cleaning tips

Carpet cleaning is a must. It is maintenance of the more critical work, how to achieve effective cleaning, do not let us have any stains on the carpet?

1. Vacuum regularly

Carpets must be vacuumed daily, or more than once a day if you have a party at home. Reduce the frequency that cleans to carpet so, reduce to carpet fiber structure inferior low point.

2. Remove stains from carpets in time

Ink, drinks and other carelessly spilled on the carpet, timely cleaning, can avoid the infiltration of stains diffusion. Additional, besmirch corrodes time too long, when cleaning hard take time, want to use a lot of cleaner, easy damage carpet fiber. If discover carpet is local, have besmirch, should undertake local cleaning immediately, time is long otherwise can be removed very hard, the trace that may leave longer to carpet. Here are 5 tips for dealing with stubborn dirt on your carpet.

3. Clean the carpet thoroughly on a regular basis

Want carpet to use long and beautiful, in addition to every day must vacuum, but also pay attention to cleaning work. Carpet was used for a long time, the color can become dim, want to make carpet is updated as before, method is very simple. Take fine fine salt dust is scattered on carpet, the wet broom that USES wash clean sweeps fine salt even, reoccupy after 10 minutes vacuum cleaner removes carpet of family expenses salt dust and dirt carpet can clean show burnish.