Autumn/winter home carpets as a warm room

- May 29, 2019-

Weather turns cold gradually, give a home "change outfit" imperative. The carpet with dye-in-the-wood warm meaning, it is the darling of qiu dong household, can adorn the adornment effect of household not only, also bring the warm meaning of a burst to bedroom space.

Now, carpet makes the necessary sheet that lives at home to taste the favour that gets consumer. As pure wool, blend, chemical fiber, plastic carpet appear one after another, the market share of carpet is bigger and bigger. Mrs. Wang of person in charge of dealer of some brand carpet introduces, enter autumn since, because of the reason of the weather, many owner favour are at warm keeping, practical adornment, accordingly carpet is relatively hot sell in autumn. "Now, wool and synthetic carpets are selling well," she said. Wool carpets have a natural texture and are durable. Although they are expensive, they are very high-end. And chemical fiber nylon carpet weight light, colorful, and wear-resistant surface, very suitable for laying in the doorway area, living room area. Carpet is used at the sofa area of the sitting room more, while having adornment effect, also have certain heat preservation effect at the same time.