Asked the college reader in the carpet

- Dec 31, 2019-

One, the choose and buy of carpet should according to the size of household

1. Generally speaking, it is recommended to use 1.7mx2.4m carpet for sofas with no more than 2.7m;For larger furniture, a 2mX3m carpet would be more than enough.

2, the size of the table should also be taken into consideration, to ensure that the carpet, sofa and table room to maintain a standard proportion.

How big should the carpet be in the dining room?A simple test will show that the table chair is pulled away from the guest, and the carpet should accommodate all the chairs pulled away.

4, you also can place carpet in a few smaller Spaces, for example the front of the bed or beside, can use smaller (90cmx160cm) carpet.

5, bold try, unusual carpet color is helpful to create different atmosphere.

Two, the choose and buy of carpet should according to the color of furniture

1.Let the color of carpet and furniture contrast, it is one of the means that highlight furniture.A lot of people buy carpet when choosing safer brown, flesh color, white and black, these color and most furniture "quarrel" the opportunity is not quite, between carpet and furniture "be at peace with each other", can build whole harmonious feeling.

2.If you are bold enough nevertheless, place in the sitting room a piece of gules, blue jade (turquoise) the carpet of color or goldengreen, it is right try.An unusual carpet color helps to create a different atmosphere, perhaps, it is also a factor in creating a conversation.